The Boda Boda Nation

So the year has finally come to an end. Happy New Year!

Just a few pictures I have been wanting to share all year but didn’t get round to it for some reason. Anything can fit on a boda boda 🙂boda boda 1

boda boda 4 boda boda 5 boda boda 2 boda boda 3

Happy New Year from the Boda boda Nation!


Dar es Salaam – The Transition

Dar holds a special place in my heart for many reasons mostly because it was the city I went to on a transitional trip as I was making almost drastic changes in my life. Two days before the trip I decided to go natural(was told no one would hire me with kinky hair), yes I walked out of office at lunch time and cut off my hair(and colored it),it took longer than  I expected(Rwandan saloons always took forever to get hair done) one of the many reasons I decided to go natural. The funniest thing is during the trip the guys would joke how certain places had young girls with short natural hair, everyone would turn and look at me hehehe.

Secondly I was changing career(well sort of) I was leaving advertising and moving to a more marketing/communication job aka corporate world. I loved advertising but it was changing me into that sad, angry woman who I am not, it sucked the life out of me(yet I am the life of the party) may be it was Kigali city that did that to me, well I am currently relearning how to be social(I hadn’t realized how anti social I had become). I really enjoyed not combing my hair for a while until the insurance industry put an end to it, I had to cut off the colored hair as I was not sure what to do with my hair(and my boss kept mentioning he wanted it shinny but African hair doesn’t shine!). That is when I realized Hair is very political(I will do a hair post soon).

Looking at the pictures brings back great memories. I thought I share them today


Probably my fav photo from the entire trip


Yes the Ugandan in me came out to bargain(Yes I do speak Kiswahili  with a bit of help of course 🙂 )


ION Happy belated Birthday Zettie, I definitely owe you lunch/dinner and lots of drinks looking forward to when we meet up(oba which country will it be)


As tradition we had to go to Coco beach(Apparently my hair style was on point for the venue).

blog 6



Country Lake Resort Garuga

I spent the better part of the morning at a beautiful resort in Garuga Entebbe called Country Lake Resort Garuga (Yes, my job rocks). It is a beautiful place and the owners are really warm people(No wonder it is always full).

I wish I had visited much earlier!

The resort has been in existence for the last four years and is currently undergoing a lot of renovations(The flooding that happened mid last year caused the water levels to go up). The owners did a great job in recreating the place in spite of the challenges. With out further ado the Country Lake Resort.

Resort viewI loved every angle of the resort, amazing views. Lake Victoria can be seen from any corner.

blog 7A romantic lunch setting

blog 3The frog concert.

blog 2Mbu Shaka Zulu

You know what to do for Valentine’s 🙂

blog 4Fishermen on their way to work. Be careful when taking pictures of them. They don’t take it too kindly.

blog6A fisherman casting his net. Some thing about fishermen that facinate me. They always seem at one with water.

blog 8This one is for Zetti and Kay. I miss you!

One year and counting



Today makes a year since I started this blog. I must say it has been an amazing journey! A big thank you to all who have been regular readers and all those who comment or email, whatsapp, call or text me about my blog. I promise to be more active on my blog this new year.

The Picture was take in Bujumbura on the beaches of Lake Tanganyika(beautiful city and people) Great time we had. It took Kay forever to get this shot, I am forever grateful to you love.

Dear Jose, Zetti and Kay, we need to do a trip real soon!

Settling In.

DSC_0134 edited

I am currently trying to re create a similar ambiance in my new place. I hosted some of the best parties(and hope to keep the tradition now that I am back home). The most memorable one would have to be the two yeas ago with three guests(you know who you are hehehe), it took me a week to recover.

I must apologize for not blogging more often, I seem to be hit with a very rare and complicated case of writer’s block but like Schwazie, I will be BACK.

Happy New Year, Bonne Année